About Me



Ralitsa is a fashion photographer based in London, UK.

She has started several years ago with family and wedding photography, today she is specializing in portrait, beauty and fashion photography.

She is published in fashion magazines such as Salyse, Picton, Surreal beauty and Vogue Italy.

Her photo was on the cover for Picton magazine Black issue July 2019.  

She produce and direct and retouch all of her shoots. 

Her style is elegant and feminen with soft light and warm colors.

Exhibitions, Interviews & features:


- Cover for Picton magazine:  ‘Tropical Vibes’  Black issue July 2019 No.199

- publication at Salyse magazine:  'Floral' Avant Garden Vol. 5 No.71 July 2019

- publication at The Surreal magazine: ‘Conservatory’ issue no. 557 Jul 2019 

- publication at Salyse magazine: ‘Neon’  June 2019

- publication at Picton magazine: ‘The Sea’  June 2019

- publication at B Louder Magazine: B Louder RED #5 (Men's Magazine) – June , 2019

- publication at Vogue Italy

2017- Exhibition "Inside Out"

2015- 8 International photographic salon Varna​

2014- Academy of photography Bulgaria Yanka Kyurckcheva​

Worked with brands :

Worked with creatives:

HMUA : Antonina Lubbock IG @antonina.makeup
Stylist : Georgina Roberton IG @georginaroberton

Models: Stephanie Tripp IG @stephanie__tripp, Sophie Robertson- Blackmoor  @sophiegrace.s , Viktoria Brooksby @viktoria.shh, Kristina @slpndsy, Gigi Queiroz IG @gigiqueirozreal, Chesca Cheek IG @chescacheek_, Anesu N Mande IG@anesu.noelle