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Welly Merck

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Hello guys!

I wanted to start my blog for a long time now and here it is my first post. I was wondering about what the topic should be and actually fate decided this for me. Yesterday i received and email from Welly Merck with an invitation to write a blog review for their watches. 

When i received my watch last month i was really impressed. I have no problems with the delivering i could contact Welly Merck at every stage and get polite and quick answer to all of my questions. I was so excited to see the blue box with the most stylish watch inside it. I also received as a gift a really beautiful classic strap.

The model of the watch is Classic Rom 36 mm- black. Welly Merck described it as  classically designed with a modern face that ensures you stand out from the crowd. The minutely details craft work is minimalist and elegant, there is no denying the skill it takes create this. I couldn`t agree more.

This is what you can use:
15% discount code- NIKOLAY15

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