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Sunflowers on a tennis court - photoshoot for Velvet magazine

In March I got an email from Rohiny Belani, regarding a photoshoot for a Velvet magazine in Cambridge, UK. I loved the mood board and although the shoot didn't have any budget I decided to do it.

The theme of the shoot was Wimbledon, so the location of the shoot was the tennis courts in Cambridge.

black and white photo of model smiling while makeup artist fix her make up and a stylist fix her clothing

The model and the creative director of the shoot was beautiful Rohiny Belani. We had four amazing looks styled carefully by Chalisa Guerrero. The make-up and hairstyle artist of the shoot was talented Kate Fletcher.

The whole shoot was done with natural light. I was shooting with my Canon 5D Mark II and 85mm lens.

For the first look, the light was still a little bit harsh, so I decided to use it not to run from it. We had tennis racquet as a prop, so I decided to take some full-length and close-up shots with them casting a shadow on the model face.

For that look model was wearing a beautiful white dress from Laura Theiss, a silk scarf from Eleni Bantra, shoes from Freya Rose London, neckless from Thomas Sabo, and sunglasses from Gucci.

Cover of a magazine with a women wearing white dress and sunglasses holding a tennis racquet

The cover of the July Issue was a photo from this look. I can't be more proud and happy about that.

Women wearing dress with sunflowers  holding a tennis racquet

I am obsessed with the second look we did. It was an absolute gorgeous sunflower dress from Khoon Hooi. Shoes Freya Rose London and earrings from Thomas Sabo.

Women wearing dress with sunflowers  holding a tennis racquet

The third look you can see on the left side. We used the co-ord set from Aleksandra Lalic. The shoes are from Rosamund Muir and the glasses are from Chloé.

For the last fourth look Rohiny wearing a jumpsuit from Aleksandra Lalic styling beautifully with a belt from Uterqüe

All the photos are retouched by me using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Girl wearing jumpsuit at tennis court

Girl wearing jumpsuit at tennis court

This shoot was a reminder of how important is to work with real professionals. That helps you to relax and do a good job and enjoy every part of the process of creating something beautiful and special.

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